How to Track an iPhone Position Through iCloud


how to track an iphone position with icloud

iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple which Having features find my iPhone is one of the main products of the iPhone with this feature we can look for the smartphone position anywhere, moreover, the Apple smartphone has strict security, starting from the use of data, The applications and devices used. this Security features can be used because they have sophisticated operating system called iOS, and the system can only run-on Apple product devices.

 Everyone has their own privacy when it comes to their smartphone use, ranging from applications were used, where all application is connected to iCloud for data backup needs and set up on the iPhone.

 Security of a device iPhone not only for the application it’s also for the safety of its users themselves. as we know that Apple has been designed with its sort of appearance, for any iPhone users do not need to worry when a smartphone used loss. Whether the iPhone is missing can be used by someone else? The answer is no. A locked iPhone with the passcode would not be opened if did not know the keyword because there is an iCloud account in it. so, you must remember that created a passcode for your iPhone it a must, because it can protect your data and information on the iPhone.

 here tips that an iPhone that you use safer, please use the passcode encryption or opening key in the form of a number security code, furthermore, use iCloud for privacy and backup data, enable features find my iPhone.

 When the iPhone that you use is lost or stolen and don't know where the location, we can use iCloud as an alternative to discover the position of the iPhone, here's following how to track the position of the iPhone through iCloud.


1.   Open iCloud Application

you must turn to page iCloud in, and furthermore, enter the next iCloud id, and the password


2.   Allow access iCloud

Next, if your login in iCloud was successful, next step is to allowed access for iCloud, such as the picture attached below.

 when if it has been allowed and it's required code pin for verification access, in order we can access totally iCloud, but we can't get access totally because an iPhone that is in use the persons concerned is unavailable, ignored it, with press Done.

and then press Find iPhone, afterward, we will be directed to pages apple maps to know its position.


3.   iPhone map position

Please zoom map position, to find out more details, and to see options features, find iPhone, and then press on map position point of in the sign section [i] and description in the bottom left corner box, and then try play sound to turn on the sound. Lost Mode options, and Erase iPhone are used for emergency necessity, When the iPhone is no longer able to be found and if you want someone else are unable to use that smartphone.

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